November 4, 2017
Number of discs: 1

Prelude to Serenity

Life has a way of playing out in the most mysterious and sometimes remarkable ways.   We have opportunities daily to learn lessons that will help us grow to be our best selves.   And oftentimes, these lessons are presented in layers providing us with multiple chances to truly see the path before us.  Yet it’s up to us to bring about the changes to find our own serenity.   I invite you to take a journey back in time uncovering the evolution of Serenity.

Years ago, my brother set out on a quest to better understand his relationship with substances and the challenges he encountered finding a path to recovery.   You see, for my brother and I, music was always a huge part of who we are.  When either one of us was trying to work through something we found that we could make sense of things easier by connecting with music.   Music encompasses a myriad of emotions and can be such an instrument of healing power.  So, in wanting to understand the grasp addiction can have on someone we decided to put it to music in a way that resonated with our story.

Initially, the creation of Serenity was about my brother’s story of substance use disorder and how I was impacted as a family member.  However, in going through this journey I began to see that I too had a problem.   I struggled with mental wellness and was using substances to self-medicate.  Writing and recording Serenity eventually brought me to look at how mental health penetrated my own life as well.

When we first recorded Serenity, I never realized how deeply this journey would impact my story.  You see, I began this project to support my brother and help others; not knowing that I too needed support.  When I began to address my own mental wellness, my life finally began to make sense – the reasons why I chose the unhealthy coping strategies I did in all areas of my life.  And with the support I received, I’ve learned healthier ways to face life.   There is healing that has occurred for me because of this journey.  Reflecting on the process and listening to these demos from a different lens I see more clearly.  I have found my own Serenity and have realized more deeply the therapeutic component to music that resonates with so many.

Prelude to Serenity are demo tracks that were recorded before the title of Serenity was even decided upon and before the Rockstar Superstar Project was fully envisioned.   This CD has a narrated piece describing the story before the story narrated by myself.    I’ve crafted this CD with the goal that it will help others along the way find healing and ultimately their own Serenity.

As the journey of life is ever evolving so is the Rockstar Superstar Project which originally was started to bring awareness to addiction.   As we move forward, our next CD will be an orchestrated rock opera of Serenity and will be moving beyond addiction and bring to light the importance of mental wellness.

In closing, my wish is for anyone who has faced mental health/addiction challenges or has loved someone who has, to find healing – to find their own Serenity!

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